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About Me

Becca Chacon is a artist.

She uses color to express a feeling. When one color bleeds into another, a new emotion emerges. What you see and feel might be different then what the artist perceived, however, any emotional response is the desired goal. Becca believes art should give everyone the opportunity to think, feel and even change their perspective. Each layer, texture, and panel are different just like an individual’s viewpoint and personality. She enjoys learning about people through their reaction to color, as well as her art. 

Since graduating with a degree in Fine Arts from San Diego State University, Becca has been seeking the right path to take. She enjoys learning, and there is so much that she wants to explore in her art. Becca strives to learn how to inspire others and how to even better express her emotions with color. Art has always been a part of who she is.

Currently, Becca is living in San Francisco and pursuing an MFA in Painting at the San Francisco Art Institute.